Covers the most commonly asked questions

Why is it free?

Theasys was built from our passion for VR photography. Back in 2011 we dreamed of an Online 360° Virtual Tour Creator that could replace standalone software without lacking on features and power. Driven by our expertise in 360° photography and deep knowledge of web technology we have decided to create Theasys. But we also believe in sharing. We love using Theasys and thought you would love it too. Enjoy!

Wordpress & Joomla plugins... what are those?

If your website is built on either Wordpress or Joomla, Theasys offers you a fast and easy way to embed a virtual tour in it. Just download the Theasys corresponding plugin and authenticate it with an API key from your dashboard. More plugins will come soon for other CMS and website builders.

Do you provide a documentation for your platform?

There is a full documentation inside the app. You just need to register your free account with Theasys and then create your first tour. Click the launch vr editor app and you will find the help center inside.

Is there a limit on the panoramas I can upload in my account?

There is no limit on the number of panoramas you can upload on your account. But, you can upload up to 100 panoramas per tour.

Can I remove Theasys logo from my tours?

Even if Theasys is free you can still create your Virtual Tours with your custom branding. From the Tour Embed and Customization options just turn off the Theasys "Copyright Credits".

Do you offer an API?

Our API is only accessible through our Wordpress and Joomla free plugins. If you are interested in using it for your own application, please contact us.